‘American Idol’s’ Jack Blocker Rocks the Stage With Iconic David Bowie Track “Space Oddity”

Bringing his “swagger” back to the stage once again, American Idol contestant Jack Blocker performed for the second time of the night with David Bowie’s iconic track “Space Oddity.” 

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Adding his southern twang, Blocker sang an incredibly unique version of the classic song, with Katy Perry noticeably swaying from her judge’s panel seat.

It didn’t take long at all for Blocker fans to praise him online. “Jack Blocker picking up the guitar, setting the vibe, sounding great on the melody. His upper range was so infectious, nice intensity, loved the slide guitar backing him up. This was surprisingly magical. Well done! Great song choice.” 

Jack Blocker previously took to the stage with his rendition of Brad Paisley’s “Nobody’s Fool” from Cars 2. The judges had nothing but praise for her first performance of the night. 

“I hear you, Fred Astaire! I mean Fred don’t care,” Luke Bryan declared. “The swagger man! You got that swagger. I mean, it’s just fun to see you free with that. I mean, that was not what we thought you were earlier in the competition. But watching you do all that is like, ‘Who is this?’ Who is this guy?’ So I love it. Good job!” 

Lionel Richie then said what he liked most about Jack Blocker was while most people would have dropped the mic, he dropped the mic and then picked it back up. “I have a new name,” Richie declared. “Your new stage name from now on is Jack Swagger. It sticks.” 

Katy Perry also suggested “Jack Attack.” She then admitted that she felt like a “step-sister” to Blocker. “Even though I’m Cinderella [tonight], if you win this thing, this is really going to be a real Cinderella story for you.” 

Both performances proved Blocker should advance to the top 3.

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