Will Moseley Delivers Breathtaking Cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy” on ‘American Idol’

Bringing his A game to Disney Night, American Idol contestant Will Moseley delivers a breathtaking cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy.”

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Moseley lit up the stage as he performed both standing and sitting as well as interacting with the audience. The fans were quick on their feet and cheering him on.

Lionel Richie compared Moseley’s performance to Kenny Rogers. “When I was producing Kenny, anytime his voice would crack, I would go, ‘Kenny, do it again. Kenny do it again.’ He said, ‘Lionel what are you trying to do?’ And I said, ‘Well, what I’m trying to do is get you to hear the smooth.’”

He noted that the “cracking” is believable and Moseley needs to trust himself.

Katy Perry pointed out a “fumble” but she said he was able to pick “the ball back up” and nailed the performance. He also showed a “soul” note that Perry was quick to notice and absolutely loved.

Luke Bryan also said that this is probably a performance Moseley wasn’t used to. “This is so foreign to what you would perform,” he said. Bryan then gave Moseley some credit for his Disney World outfit. “I need THAT hat,” he went on to add.

Fans also pointed out that Moseley was able to channel various artists in this performance. “Will Moseley there on that song, he had that classic country singer vibe, similar to Hank Williams Sr, Hank Snow, Leroy Van Duke, and others. Very marketable there.”

Another fan added, “Will Moseley, that groan on “loooone…” magic. Love this lilt & the easy way he laid in the melody. Natural pleasing tone, great affinity for the melody, storytelling. Looks like he dropped a few lyrics but handled it well.”

Moseley is proving that he belongs in the top three.

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