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Tami Neilson’s Lifetime of Experiences with Country Music on ‘Basic Folk’

From podcast host Cindy Howes: Big hair. Big sound. Big personality. And big feelings are New Zealand-by-way-of-Canada’s Tami Neilson. As a part of her family’s Neilson Family band, Tami’s been performing and touring...

Ruth Merenda on the Rabble-Rousers of Folk Music with ‘Basic Folk’

From podcast host Cindy Howes: Ruth Merenda's soaring musicianship onstage and tape as well as the amazing community she’s cultivated with her husband (and bandmate) Mike Merenda through touring and through their bi-annual...

Caitlyn Smith Discusses All Aspects of Music City with ‘Basic Folk’ Podcast

Caitlyn Smith, one of Nashville's most sought out songwriters, would often be rejected by labels while they took her original songs for other musicians on their roster. Now on her second major record,...

Grace Pettis Discusses the Influences of Community on ‘Basic Folk’

As a card-carrying member of the South Austin scene, Grace Pettis has amassed bragging rights to spare. She is the winner of many of the nation’s most prestigious songwriting contests, including NPR's Mountain...

Jake Blount Speaks on Modern Racism & Banjo Origins with ‘Basic Folk’

Cindy Howes talks with old-time player Jake Blount in this episode of the Basic Folk podcast. They discuss his work of elevating and revealing Black people’s massive contributions in traditional folk music. For...

Pete Bernhard Discusses his Lifetime of Music on ‘Basic Folk’

Cindy Howes from Basic Folk podcast talks to Pete Bernhard of Devil Makes Three. Vermont native Pete Bernhard was raised surrounded by art as all the adults in his life were either visual or...

‘Basic Folk’ Talks Fiddles and Female Empowerment with Isa Burke

Host Cindy Howes sat down with Isa Burke of the Americana/folk trio Lula Wiles to discuss everything from summer camp to folk traditions to body image issues. See below for Howes' perspective on the conversation.

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