Bob Dylan’s Grandson, Pablo Dylan, Has A Rap Album

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The times, they are a-changin’. Bob Dylan’s 15-year-old grandson, rapper Pablo Dylan (the son of director Jesse Dylan), has debuted his first mix tape, 10 Minutes. On the new track “Top Of The World,” the Eminem-influenced youngster raps: “I’m the grandson of a man nothing less than legendary/that’s a lot of pressure so I Berry Gordy/I am very Motown/bitch, I’ma get that crown/while I’m at it, I might reinvent sound.”

The songwriting bug is genetic. “Of course we do two different things, and I don’t want people to see me for what he has done,” Pablo tells “But, what I have done, I mean from a musical and personal standpoint, is definitely influenced by him.”

Dylan has proven to be a fan of hip hop in the past, spinning records by Puff Daddy on his Theme Time Radio Hour, shouting out Public Enemy in his book Chronicles, and busting a rhyme himself on Kurtis Blow’s 1987 single “Street Rock.”

Listen to “Top Of The World” below.


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