Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst Walks Off Stage at Houston Show After Just Two Songs

Conor Oberst is known for his sensitive music. Well, given Oberst’s behavior lately, perhaps he’s going through something serious.

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The musician who founded and fronts the band Bright Eyes left the stage after playing just two songs at a recent tour stop in Texas on Sunday night (May 22).

It’s one in several events for the frontman that has left fans and media outlets expressing curiosity over his comportment as of late.

After the artist left, the musicians remaining invited fans onto the stage to fill in, karaoke-style, Variety reports. They did this for a few songs before the remainder of the show was cancelled. Refunds were offered to those who purchased tickets.

The concert, which took place in Houston, was a downturn for Bright Eyes, though not every show has been bad so far, fans say.

Fans at the show shared that Oberst looked to be in bad shape. He was described as looking unsteady and only remembering a portion of the lyrics for the song “Lover I Don’t Have to Love.”

After the band left the stage, venue reps offered refunds.

Tweeted journalist Caitlin Cruz, a senior reporter for Jezebel, “This is a disaster, and I appreciate the attempt at triage, but Jesus. Hope Conor is okay. [White Oak Music Hall] employees were such champs about an increasingly not great situation.”

According to a press rep for Bright Eyes, the tour is set to continue, with the next stop being New Orleans at the Orpheum Theater.

Many fans who have seen the worst of Bright Eyes on tour have expressed worry and concern for Oberst. Cruz added, “Bright Eyes played two songs. Conor Oberst walked off. And now the band is suggesting Bright Eyes karaoke with Bright Eyes for the crowd…”

Fan @iamrickdalton tweeted, “I’ve been to dozens of Conor Oberst shows since I was 15. I’ve seen him in varying shades of happiness & consciousness. The “fans” scolding him for tonight don’t understand what it’s like to struggle w substance abuse. If he’s too out of it to perform he’s *clearly* hurting bad.”

Added @sadison_cryers, “Seeing my favorite artist drink himself to death on stage is heartbreaking. Conor Oberst is an extremely talented but deeply disturbed individual and I hope that he can get the help that he needs.”

According to Variety, fans reported that Oberst was falling off the stage and startling attendees in the front row at a Detroit show. At a show in Ohio, Oberst was heard saying he’d broken his left wrist during a Detroit tumble. One Cleveland attendee said Obsert said he wanted “to crucify a cat, crucify a squirrel and kill a homeless person in an alley.”

“Can everyone around Conor stop acting like this whole tour is a joke and get him some help already? Jesus,” wrote Nashville journalist Lorie Liebig following a recent show.

@the_mad_heather added, “I’ve been to hundreds of concerts, & have attended @conoroberst’s shows for almost 2 decades, but I’ve never seen this shit before! Yikes. He has always been a drunk but tonight was awful. I’ve never seen him look or act worse. So disappointing. #brighteyes.”

The current Bright Eyes tour is the first for the group in nine years.

We hope Oberst is okay and gets any help he may need.

Photo: Shawn Brackbill

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