Bruce Kulick Gets Honest About His Place in KISS and Receiving No Invite to Farewell Tour

Entering the music industry during the 1960s, Bruce Kulick spent years jumping from band to band. He was part of groups like Blackjack, Grand Funk Railroad, and Union with John Corabi. He even explored a solo career with his last album, BK3, hitting shelves back in 2010. But while having a prosperous career, nothing seemed to compare to his time with the iconic band KISS. Playing alongside the hit band for several years, Kulick eventually left when the original members decided to join forces once again. And according to Kulick, he is fine with not being invited back. 

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With a career spanning numerous decades, Kulick sat down with Guitar World to discuss his life on stage. When discussing the idea of reuniting with KISS during their farewell tour, the musician explained, “I’m not disappointed they didn’t ask me to be in KISS again. To be in KISS again, I would have had to be the Spaceman, right? If I had done that, I would have negated my entire non-makeup era.”

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Bruce Kulick Okay With Not Receiving Invitation During KISS Farewell Tour

Although a part of KISS for well over a decade, Kulick received no invitation to take the stage one last time during the band’s final two shows at Madison Square Garden. Again, the musician seemed content with the decision as he believed KISS “dropped the ball” when it came to celebrating their rich legacy on the stage. “I’ve made peace with not being included in KISS’ End of the Road. That said, no, they never called me.”

While holding no disdain for KISS not including him, Kulick insisted he missed performing with the band. “I’ve always missed being in KISS, but if being in KISS meant being the Spaceman like Tommy, I wouldn’t want to do it. And if being a part of the final shows meant I had to ask to be there, I’d rather stay home. I guess that’s why Ace respects me and has always been kind to me.”

Making sure to praise KISS, Kulick took a moment to honor Tommy Thayer, stating, “Tommy Thayer did a fine job playing Ace’s riffs with some swagger. He did the Spaceman well, but I never wanted to.”

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