Bryan Adams is Ready to Make Movies

Bryan Adams is ready to make a movie. The rocker, who has already had another career as a photographer, is ready to transfer his skills to filmmaking. 

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“I would indeed be interested [in making a film],” said Adams in an interview. “I can easily see myself as a cinematographer, maybe even a director.”

Adams referenced Easy Rider cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs, who worked on some of his earlier videos as a key influence. “He had a glass round his neck and was constantly looking at the cloud formations waiting for the right light,” said Adams. “Pure genius.”

In a world where everyone is using their smartphone camera, anyone can be a photographer, said Adams. “The future will be more interactive and intense, and there will be more cameras documenting everything all the time,” he said. “One of the most profoundly important things is people using their cameras to document atrocities. Everyone is a photojournalist, from eco-terrorism to George Floyd, photos and videos have completely changed our world overnight.”

In November, Adams revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time in one month after arriving in Italy. Scheduled to perform a the Rock and Roll Hall of fame ceremony honoring inductee Tina Turner on the duo’s 1985 hit “It’s Only Love,” Adams was forced to pull out of the slot after he first contracted the virus. Keith Urban was able to fill in at the last minute performing the duet with H.E.R.

Ready to transition into film, Adams hasn’t left the music behind and is set to release his 15th album So Happy It Hurts on March 11.

Photos: Courtesy of Sonic PR

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