Jelly Roll Pulls Back the Curtains on Bunnie Xo Marriage and “Crazy” Upcoming Music Collaborations

While dipping his toes in genres like hip-hop and rap, Jelly Roll eventually found his home in country music. Thanks to albums like Ballads of the Broken and Whitsitt Chapel, the country singer not only dominated the genre but also brought home numerous awards for his talents. And to make it even better, Jelly Roll never let the stardom cloud his judgment as he has been extremely honest about his past. Recently, the singer discussed his marriage to Bunnie Xo and how they tackle some of the uncomfortable conversations.

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Before Jelly Roll sat down at the 2024 CMT Music Awards, the singer got a chance to speak with Fox News Digitial. And while they talked about music, they also breached the subject of marriage. Giving some advice to couples out there, he explained the secret was “open, real, honest communication.” He added, “We talk about the uncomfortable stuff up front. It’s real important thing in our marriage.” 

While discussing sensitive subjects can be somewhat hard, Jelly Roll continued with some advice on how to make it work. “We don’t take nothing too serious. Have a short memory. Laugh as much as you can. Laughter is the best medicine.” 

Jelly Roll Hints At “Crazy,” “Out Of Genre” Collaborations Coming Soon

Outside of sharing his love for his wife, Jelly Roll is also working on new music that features some “crazy” collaborations. Although enjoying his time at award shows, he quickly returned to the studio. And according to the singer, who spoke with Audacy’s KMLE 107.9, “I got some features. I collabed with some crazy people in and out of genre.” He said, “I tell you what, I ain’t got no shame. I’ll shoot my shot.”

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Continuing to receive awards and high praise for his songs like “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner”, Jelly Roll shows no signs of slowing down. Outside of speaking about his marriage and future collaborations, he promised fans new music. Again, not giving away too many details, he promised, “New music is on the horizon. It’s a new chapter.” 

And thankful for the road that led him to country music, Jelly Roll insisted, “I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for what I went through. I think it empowered me. I think it gave me my voice. It taught me a lot about overcoming. It taught me a lot about changing and the ability to change.”

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