Colt Ford Heart Attack: A Timeline of the Country-Rapper’s Health Issues

Country-rapper Colt Ford has been hospitalized after a heart attack, according to reports. The “Drivin’ Around Song” artist is currently recovering in the ICU at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona. The hospitalization follows a performance at Dierks Bently’s Whiskey Row in Gilbert, Arizona.

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As the multi-platinum singer is recovering, his spokesperson has recommended that fans monitor his social media accounts for updates on his condition as they come.

Colt Ford’s No Stranger To Health Problems

Ford has previously opened up about his battle with cancer. The singer noticed a spot on his eye back in 2021, which prompted a hospital visit that resulted in an eye cancer diagnosis.

“I went to a doctor in Georgia that specialized in cataracts and all that stuff, and I remember them saying, ‘This ain’t good’ and ‘You gotta get this out,” Ford said at the time. “They wanted me to go see a cornea specialist…and that’s when I started getting really nervous.”

Ford went on to get surgery and continued to use chemotherapy eye drops to treat the cancer.

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Ford has also been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disease that causes antibodies to break down the nerves’ ability to communicate with muscles. This results in moderate to severe weakness of muscles in the body.

In May of 2023, Ford told Taste Of Country that the disease has further aggravated his issues with his eyes, and he has no control over the muscle movements of his right eye.

The recent heart attack on top of several years of health problems has fans worried about Ford’s physical health. While there are no updates yet, we’re looking forward to Ford’s speedy recovery.

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