D’Addario Releases Pro-Winder String Tool In White

How many times have you been on a gig and broken a string while playing and are forced to stop the show for a few minutes as you frantically try and restring? There always seems to be one tool you need that's missing from your accessories bag.

The D’Addario Pro-Winder is an essential handy gadget that fits in a guitar gig bag and makes life easier for guitarists. It's a three-in-one tool featuring a high-quality string winder, clipper and bridge puller in one package, and now available in white. The white color design is a smart move, making it easier to find in darkened performance rooms.

The Pro-Winder features a hardened steel clipper that cuts cleanly and resists wear. The winder grips the peg securely and fits mini, full, and most bass sized tuners as well as a bridge pin puller for acoustic guitars.

For more information: www.ddar.io/ProWinderWhite.

Street price: $10.99

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