Daily Discovery: Arielle Eden Reflects on All the “Signs and Signals” She Missed

We’re increasingly a culture that’s aware of the red flags, the alarm bells, and the “icks” that occur in the treacherous world of relationships. These things are all important to notice, but what happens when you’re so caught up looking for what could go wrong that you miss what could go right?

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New York City-based singer/songwriter Arielle Eden captured that line of feeling in her latest release, “Signs and Signals.” The song, premiering with American Songwriter on March 24, runs full force into a sincere reflection that’s wrapped up in Eden’s sugary pop/country vocals. “Signs and Signals” also precedes Eden’s EP of the same name which will drop later this year.

Single art courtesy of Arielle Eden/Photo by Jeff Mondlock

“I had the idea for an EP with the title ‘Signs and Signals’ when I realized I had written at least a couple songs about the impact of seeing or missing particular signs in relationships,” Eden tells American Songwriter. “When I sat down with Forest Whitehead, during his (Music City Playbook) Artist Launch Bootcamp, he assumed I had already written a title track for the project. When I mentioned that it hadn’t even occurred to me, he said ‘Let’s do it!’

“I wanted to be careful not to be redundant about the concept of missing problematic signs, so we talked about signs and signals being positive aspects of a relationship, person, or event that tell you someone is right for you instead of wrong. People can miss the positive signs just as easily as the negative ones,” she continues.

Going more in-depth, Eden explains that a series of car and road metaphors helped piece the message of “Signs and Signals” together. For example, Eden says, the signs and signals of love directly contrast the rhymes and riddles of misdirection. Why couldn’t I see the signs and signals instead of tripping over the rhymes and the riddles now heartbreak’s breaking on me, Eden sings on the track.

All in all, “Signs and Signals” is a unique twist on the one that got away. “[S]ometimes what you’re looking for or needing is right smack in front of you,” Eden says. “It’s about regret from missing or dismissing what or who matters most.”

With eyes and ears now wide open to the positive signs and signals of love, we’re excited to see what Eden does next. Listen to “Signs and Signals” below.

Photo Credit: Jeff Mondlock of Mondlock Moments

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