Daily Discovery: Eric Krasno’s “Alone Together” Explores Silver Linings with Cosmic Funk

Two-time GRAMMY Award-winning guitarist, songwriter, and producer Eric Krasno honors the importance of connection in his new single, “Alone Together.” The song, produced by Otis McDonald, is part of a full-length album that will be released on February 4, titled Always.

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Written during the start of the COVID pandemic, “Alone Together” focuses on finding light in dark times and caring for one another.

“‘Alone Together’ is about silver linings, starting a family & finding light in dark times,” Krasno tells American Songwriter. “The song was initially written a few weeks into lockdown in 2020 as my wife was 2 months pregnant. I finished it just after my son Lewis was born. I was scared at the prospect of bringing a child into the world during COVID times, but I was also so thankful for my family and excited to be a Dad. I felt it would have been a horrible experience to be alone at that time.” 

Krasno paired the heartfelt message with a funk sound, creating a truly standout song. It’s easy to get into the groove of the beat, but a deeper look into the lyrics reveals Krasno’s intention in writing “Alone Together.”

“I really like the line, when you look at me it’s like a world nobody’s livin’ in. That never will grow old. It was about looking into the eyes of a newborn child and feeling the freshness of everything he was experiencing. All the things he was seeing at that time were brand new and at times I could feel his excitement. Watching him appreciate the beauties of the world that we often take for granted completely changed my perspective,” says Krasno. “Aside from the lyrical content, the production (Otis McDonald) leans into a psych-rock sound which stands out from the rest of the record. I also love how the outro takes you to this cosmic funk vibe…. One of my favorite moments on the album.”

The outro Krasno is referring to is a full two minutes of instrumental funk—a fun and unique feature of the single. 

Krasno is the founder of two jazz/funk groups, Soulive and Lettuce. He’s also worked as a songwriter or producer for several artists, including Norah Jones, Robert Randolf, and 50 Cent.

Always will be Krasno’s fourth full-length solo album, following Reminisce in 2010, Blood from a Stone in 2016, and Telescope in 2019. Although his process of songwriting changes often, part of his motivation to keep writing music is the rush of getting a song to fit together perfectly.

“I’ve tried just about every process there is. Lately, I’ve gone back to just sitting with my guitar and searching for the best melodies I can find to fit a progression or riff. Oftentimes the right chorus or phrase will match up eventually. I also keep notes and voice memos of ideas and phrases I like and will try to use those as I’m writing,” says Krasno. “There’s no better feeling than finding the right words for a melody… Hearing the playback of a brand new song in the studio can be such a rush. I live for those moments.”

Check out the lyric video for “Alone Together” below.

Photo courtesy of Eric Krasno

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