Drum Prodigy Nandi Bushell Covers Rush

In her most recent cover performance, drum prodigy Nandi Bushell covered Rush’s hit song “Tom Sawyer.” The video of the rendition below has already earned much praise for the 11-year-old wunderkind.

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Bushell posted the performance on social media, writing to her 200,000-plus followers on Twitter, “This one is for you Professor. I wanted to try a @rushtheband song that would really challenge me. I watched an interview where Neil Peart said Tom Sawyer ‘remains so difficult to play’. So I thought I would give it a try. It’s actually really fun to play.”

Bushell, who rose to fame and popularity as a musician with her very public “feud” with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl (the two are pals, in actuality), has since earned an even bigger reputation for herself for posting videos of her performing some of the most difficult drum parts, all with a big smile on her face.

Last year, Bushell released a cover of herself drumming to Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever,” just days before Christmas. And prior to that, the young artist enjoyed an on-stage performance with Grohl. Later she released a video covering Tool’s song, “Forty-Six & 2.”

Bushell dropped that rendition on social media, writing, “Forty Six & 2 by @Tool – This really was the most challenging drum cover I have done, so far! Lots and lots of complex timing changes and difficult patterns, it’s really fast in parts, and it’s really long song too! FULL COVER: https://youtu.be/lKGoK5AuEz0

The work earned her praise from online followers, including Tool’s guitarist Adam Jones, who replied to Bushell’s tweet, writing, “~ Killer. Nice job kid.”

In 2020, Bushell challenged Grohl to a drum-off. Not long after, the two met on video chat. Bushell, who has also drawn the attention of other big-name drummers like Questlove, covered the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” on stage with the band this year.

Grohl, who jokingly calls Bushell his “arch-nemesis” because of her blatant internet call out, showed obvious love and reverence (as did the on-looking crowd) for the young drummer, who has already achieved fame amongst many music fans.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said Grohl, “would you please welcome the most badass drummer in the world, my new friend, Nandi!”

Bushell later posted the video on Twitter saying, “It happened!!! It was #EPIC!!! Thank you so much @foofighters!!! I had the best night ever jamming with you at @TheForum! Thank you so much Mr. Grohl and Taylor! #foofighters – Full Video here: https://youtu.be/fyvwLAPNfXY (My Daddy was screaming a lot in the video it took)”

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