Fans Issue Warning to ‘American Idol’ Over Possible Major Shakeup: “People Won’t Watch”

American Idol is going through a change coming soon, as Katy Perry has left to return to her music. Fans are upset at her departure, but there’s another shakeup that they’re worried about too—whether or not Luke Bryan or Lionel Richie will be replaced as well.

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In a recent interview, Luke Bryan admitted that he and Richie aren’t guaranteed to return to season 23. While it’s most likely possible that the two will stay, fans were still up in arms about the possibility that two of their favorite judges may not return.

“PLEASE DO NOT GET RID OF LIONEL OR BRYAN,” one fan wrote on social media. “People won’t watch if you get rid of them! Please bring in a kind hearted sincere witty a lister female as qualified as Katy- such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Gwen Stefani.”

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Fans Upset That Lionel Richie or Luke Bryan Might Leave American Idol, Share Support for the Three Judges

Fans on Instagram commented on a post Luke Bryan made about the trio’s last night being judges together. “Will miss [Katy Perry]! I was hoping she would change her mind! You 3 are the best together,” one fan wrote.

Another fan wrote, “I’m already looking forward to next season. Luke, Lionel your the best. You’ll make the new judge feel welcome,” while another wrote, “Going to really miss this triumphant trio of judges, you all seemed to blend so well together & are very entertaining & well loved.”

Previous runner up Jack Blocker replied to the post, “Gang for real.” Mostly, fans expressed their disappointment and sadness that Katy Perry was leaving American Idol. They shared that they wished she would return and that they would miss seeing her on the show. Overall, fans seem to be eagerly awaiting the news of Perry’s replacement, as American Idol execs have been tight-lipped about that lately.

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