Folk Rocker Ron Sexsmith Teams With Metallica Producer For New Album

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When Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexmith wanted to shake things up for his latest album, he turned to Metallica producer Bob Rock. Sexmsith actually got the idea from Michael Buble; the crooner drafted Rock to produce his 2009 album Crazy Love, which went multi-platinum. So Sexsmith sent Rock some demos, and soon enough, the two decided to team up. “Bob got me out of my comfort zone,” says Sexsmith. “I’ve made all these Lars von Trier records. I see this record as my action movie!”

Rock and Sexsmith’s partnership has yielded Long Player Late Bloomer, out March 1 on Sexmith’s label Ronboy Rhymes. The album features Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney), bassist Paul Bushnell (Elton John, No Doubt), keyboardist Jamie Edwards (Aimee Mann), and drummer Josh Freese (Devo, Nine Inch Nails). “[Bob] got me to try things that I normally would have scoffed at,” says Sexmith, “such as really belting out my vocals.”

Check out the Long Player track “Love Shines” below.


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  1. I saw the documentary on BBC 4 and I am impressed.

    He makes such a difference in the world of contemporary music which is
    overcrowded by many seemingly effortless and slick performers, whose marketable skills more often than not shift into the world of fashion and cosmetics.

    Being truly creative often comes at a price as many wonderful artists have shown before. But they stand out for exactly that reason: they are a cut above the rest.

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