Foo Fighters Feature Horror Legend John Carpenter in New Comedy-Horror ‘Studio 666’

When it comes to horror movie soundtracks, there is no one better than John Carpenter.

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I mean, he’s not called “The Horror Master” for no reason.

The legendary artist, writer, director, and composer created the music for the best horror-slasher film ever made and that’s, of course, the original Halloween.

Well, it turns out American Songwriter is not the only outfit that appreciates Carpenter, because the Foo Fighters, recently requested Carpenter’s presence on the band’s latest release, a comedy-horror movie called Studio 666.

Foo Fighters took to social media to make Carpenter’s presence known on their new movie, which dropped on Friday (February 25). The band wrote to their swath of followers, “Thank you John Carpenter (@TheHorrorMaster)!!! So fucking honored to have you and your music as part of @Studio666Movie!!! #Studio666Movie is in theatres now!!!

The clip below even features a snippet from Carpenter’s work on the movie. A spooky, spine-chilling little piano ditty—what else?

Released on Feb. 25, the band’s film is screaming into theaters and fans can find showtimes via the film’s official website.

“The wait is over! @foofighters give us #Studio666Movie! Only in theatres starting TOMORROW! Get tickets NOW:,” the band shared on Twitter.

The band’s frontman and star of the film, Dave Grohl, has been doing a big press tour for the film, including appearing on late-night shows and the popular YouTube show Hot Ones. Check out a clip from that appearance below, along with a trailer for the new film below.

According to the band, Studio 666 is about the rock group setting out to record a new record—but they find themselves inside a haunted studio mansion. Panic and madness ensue.

Foo Fighters hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently and talked about the movie, saying how much fun and how weird it was to shoot.

The band has also been releasing a soundtrack for the movie with songs attributed to the fictional band, Dream Widow, which haunts the studio mansion as the Foo Fighters are working.

Earlier this month, the band released a new single, “March of the Insane,” from the movie under the fictional band name Dream Widow. Check that song out below.

“The premise of the movie is that we move into this house, I have writer’s block, I’m totally uninspired, I can’t come up with anything,” Grohl told Howard Stern of the film. “And I wind up finding this creepy basement. And I go into the basement, I find this tape by a band from 25 years ago that recorded there. And there’s this song that, if recorded and completed, the fucking demon in the house is unleashed, and then, whatever, all hell breaks loose.”

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