Gear Review: Lag HyVibe Smart Acoustic Guitar

There have certainly been some interesting and innovative guitar advancements since the first Spanish guitar was developed, but none have embraced current cutting-edge technology as much as the HyVibe Acoustic system. 

The company is currently partnering with Lag Guitars to showcase the new built-in electronic system. The guitar we received for review is the THV10DCE. The myriad of features can be accessed via the control panel on the top of the guitar or through your smartphone with the HyVibe app connected through Bluetooth. The digital read on the acoustic guitar allows you to scroll through the different features and then push the middle button to engage them. 

The Lag HyVibe has built-in effects including reverb, boost, chorus, distortion, tremolo, 12-string, octave, and pitch-shifter and they all emanate from the soundhole of the guitar body. There is also a looper to record your own guitar or percussive loops, a metronome, tuner, and MIDI controller. One of my favorite features, besides the metronome, is the Bluetooth Speaker. You can play songs you’re working on or jam tracks through the soundhole of the guitar as you play.

The HyVibe mobile app has banks of effects and EQ that are customizable to your personal guitar playing taste. The metronome BPM can also be controlled through the app, as can the looper and how many measures you want to record. The internal battery is rechargeable by USB at the bottom of the guitar where there is a ¼ inch input and output for the guitar. At the bridge of the guitar, HyVibe has a piezo sensor that transmits the string vibrations to the processor (brain) on the top of the guitar. The internal exciters are attached inside underneath the bridge. From the outside, it just looks like a cool acoustic guitar with a cutaway.

Key Features: The Lag HyVibe THV10DCE is an acoustic guitar that is loaded with effects, looper, and metronome and can project recorded music through the soundhole like a Bluetooth Speaker.

Build Quality:  Very well-made acoustic guitar with a red cedar top, mahogany back & sides, and loaded with the HyVibe technology inside.

Sound and Tone:  Plays and sounds incredibly both unplugged and plugged in. The built-in effects and features expand the tonal pallet and options as does the Smartphone App.

Hardware: Solidly constructed guitar with enclosed machine head tuners. All of the HyVibe hardware is inside of the acoustic body and is not visible, but functions great.

Pros:  Playing the Lag HyVibe THV10DCE acoustic guitar you won’t need to use any other external effects, loopers, or metronome since it is all inside the guitar already.

Cons:  The only con I could see is that if you are averse to electronics or technology in your acoustic guitar then the HyVibe would not appeal to you. 

Verdict:  For $1,399 the Lag HyVibe THV10DCE is an incredible value for a smart guitar, and it includes a deluxe gig bag too. I found the instrument to be inspirational in the sounds and the effects you could play and access through it. The Bluetooth speaker feature and metronome make practice and jamming even more fun and are simple to use. Take this guitar to your next songwriter round and everyone will be coming up to see it after you play. The Lag HyVibe THV10DCE is an effects board, speaker, and acoustic guitar all rolled up in one portable great playing and sounding package.

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