Goo Goo Dolls Unveil ‘Rarities’ Album Featuring B-Sides, Never-Before-Heard Songs And More

Since they first formed in 1986, Goo Goo Dolls have come a far way. With thirteen studio albums, countless live shows, millions of record sales and one of the biggest hits of the past three decades—“Iris” (1998)—all under their belts, there’s a lot to celebrate.

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So, this June, Goo Goo Dolls are celebrating—on June 25 via Warner Records, the band will be releasing Rarities, a compilation record of b-sides, live songs, acoustic renditions, radio performances, international releases and other never-before-heard content.

“Rarities” Album Artwork (Courtesy: Warner Records)

Along with the announcement, the band unveiled the first offering from the compilation: a live performance of INXS’ “Don’t Change.” Energetic and revealing of the band’s top-notch musicianship—with a ‘90s flair, of course—the single is a neat encapsulation of Rarities as a whole. It offers a new view of the band that’s been in the public eye for decades, giving the listener a chance to go back through all the years and really dig into their story and evolvement. 

Thus, Rarities will be a must-listen for any fan of ‘90s music history. In addition to the rare songs, it’ll feature rare versions of popular songs, including acoustic renditions of songs like “Iris,” “Slide” and “Name.” Coming out in physical and digital formats, the record will be a great opportunity for fans and newcomers alike to experience and enjoy one of the most enduring popular rock bands of our time.

Goo Goo Dolls’ Rarities is due out on June 25. You can pre-order the record HERE. Listen to the band’s cover of INXS’ “Don’t Change” and check out the record’s track listing below:


  1. Hit or Miss
  2. Nothing Can Change You
  3. Long Way Down (Chris Lord Alge Remix)
  4. Name (Live Acoustic)
  5. Don’t Change (Live)
  6. Girl Right Next to Me (Live Acoustic)
  7. Another Second Time Around (Live Acoustic)
  8. Iris (Acoustic)
  9. Slide (Acoustic)
  10. Naked (Remix)
  11. Black Balloon (Live)
  12. Naked (Live)
  13. Black Balloon (Live from Sessions@AOL)
  14. Broadway (Live from Sessions@AOL)
  15. We’ll Be Here (When You’re Gone) (Acoustic)
  16. Better Days (Acoustic)
  17. Let Love In (Live)
  18. Listen (Live)
  19. Feel The Silence (Live)
  20. Take Me Out to the Ball Game


1. Hit or Miss
2. Nothing Can Change You
3. Long Way Down (Chris Lord Alge Remix)
4. Name (Live Acoustic)
5. Don’t Change (Live)

1. Girl Right Next to Me (Live Acoustic)
2. Another Second Time Around (Live Acoustic)
3. Iris (Acoustic)
4. Slide (Acoustic)
5. Naked (Remix)

1. Black Balloon (Live)
2. Naked (Live)
3. Black Balloon (Live from Sessions@AOL)
4. Broadway (Live from Sessions@AOL)
5. We’ll Be Here (When You’re Gone) (Acoustic)

1. Better Days (Acoustic)
2. Let Love In (Live)
3. Listen (Live)
4. Feel The Silence (Live)
5. Take Me Out To The Ball Game

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