H.E.R. Makes Appearance on Popular Children’s Show ‘Blues Clues’

In our eyes, H.E.R. “won” 2021. Well, now she’s already making big statements in 2022.

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The artist, who is going to make her acting debut in a new version of The Color Purple, first stopped by one of the most popular Nickelodeon kid’s television shows, Blues Clues.

Performing as an animated purple Tyrannosaurus Rex, H.E.R. sang a song, which you can check out below (with or without your kids).

Blue’s Clues was one of my favorite shows growing up,” H.E.R. told Vibe. “I can’t believe I get to play a character in the show and live my childhood dream!!!”

H.E.R., who is also nominated for a number of NAACP Awards this year (she is the top nominee, in fact), took to Twitter earlier to post about her excitement with the role. She wrote to her some half-a-million fans on the social media platform, “GUYYYSSSSS I’M ON BLUE’S CLUES. MY CHILDHOOD DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you @nickjr@Nickelodeon I had so much fun! https://youtu.be/hH3egOM9CAwe

For the Blues Clues episode, which is called “Blue’s Dino Clues,” H.E.R. sang in typical smooth form. And according to a description of her cameo, “[T-Rex is] the queen of the dinosaurs and the microphone! [She] is the original multi-hyphenate [as] the first female singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and actress of prehistoric times. She can hit the high notes and the low ones too with pure ease in her melodious, powerful voice. She’s got a wealth of knowledge to accompany her pipes and loves to share dinosaur facts with everyone. T-Rex may have tiny arms, but she has a voice and a heart of gold!”

Last year, H.E.R. had an amazing 2021. As we wrote:

I mean, honestly, what didn’t H.E.R. do this year? To start the calendar year, she won Grammy and Oscar awards seemingly between cups of coffee and, as the year has now come to an end, H.E.R. has earned more major nominations on top of those. She also participated in the all-female Bruised soundtrack (and sat down to chat with Halle Berry—swoon!), petitioned to collaborate with Dave Grohl and announced that she will be making her acting debut in the forthcoming rendition of The Color Purple.

Oh, H.E.R. was also one of our 2021 digital cover stars. She performed at the Super Bowl and later with Chris Stapleton and Kane Brown. She also was honored by the Soul Train Awards. Few people—if any—can walk in as many circles and do it as skillfully, prolifically, and with such poised virtuosity as H.E.R. We can’t wait to see what the 24-year-old bespectacled California-born guitar-wielding R&B artist does next.

Truly, if H.E.R. stands for Having Everything Revealed, then we’re ready for more!

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