Heart’s Ann Wilson Hints at New Music Ahead of First Tour in Half a Decade

It’s been a few years since the rock band Heart toured, and the duo of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson will finally kick off the Royal Flush Tour this summer. Fans are happy enough about the upcoming international tour. Now, it also looks like new music may be on the way!

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Heart’s last release was Beautiful Broken from 2016. According to Ann in a recent interview with Billboard, the sisters plan on focusing on writing new music once the tour is over. Still, she also didn’t want to give too much away.

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“The thing that we really hope to achieve is to maybe write some more stuff together,” said Ann in the interview. “We don’t have plans for that right now. We don’t really plan too far in the future; we’re not calculating like that. We’re just gonna do this tour and see what comes. But I think if a song comes out of a situation, it’ll be a real good one, ’cause it’ll be authentic. It’s just a matter of me and Nancy getting our heads around that.”

Has Heart Written Any New Music?

Despite the vague mention of new music, Heart has been working on at least one new song. The track “Roll The Dice” is their newest venture co-written by Lovemongers member Sue Ennis. In fact, Heart may start performing the new song during their Royal Flush sets.

Ann says it’s still a work in progress. However, she did get in touch with Ennis “just for songwriting purposes”, so there’s some proof there that the band is taking it seriously.

“A lot of times we text with each other and we get on concept ideas and title ideas and lyric ideas,” said Ann. “When she finally came to visit me at my house in northern California, we spent about a week together, and we actually recorded some demos.”

Ann also mentioned that she’s been listening to some unreleased songs from Heart’s back catalog. She intends to do something with a few different songs, notably a mysterious track called “Sweet Deceiver”.

“If we have a song or two that comes out of Heart, that would be really great,” Ann continued. “These days, it’s kind of like one song at a time. But you can still do a whole album, which is cool. I love albums.”

Here’s hoping we get another Heart album by the end of 2024!

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