How Usher Plans To Turn a Measly $671 Super Bowl Paycheck Into a Whopping $100 Million

While hoping to rewrite history, the San Francisco 49ers once again found themselves on the losing end of the Super Bowl thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs. Although the matchup needed overtime to decide a winner, the Chiefs continued their dominance over the NFL. Besides the thrilling ending over another NFL season, Usher dazzled during the Super Bowl halftime show, taking viewers on a trip to the past. And while many praised the singer for his performance, it appears he was paid a little less than $700 for his appearance. But don’t worry as the real money comes later. 

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With Usher holding numerous hits throughout his 30 years in the music industry, some might believe the artist would receive a massive paycheck. But that doesn’t seem to be the case after reports revealed how much he is expected to get paid. While not breaking the bank anytime soon, the singer is currently worth an impressive $180 million. Still, with the amount of time and energy he put into the performance, $671 seems low. 

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At the same time that Usher took the field, over 123 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl. With that many eyes watching, the NFL believed that exposure is more important than money as reports speculated that Usher is looking to make over $100 million on the back end due to an increase in ticket sales and endorsements. 

Fans Weigh In On How Much The NFL Paid for Usher’s Super Bowl Performance

Discussing how much Usher made, fans expressed their opinion with one user writing, “The Superbowl doesn’t pay the artists that perform (I thought everyone knew that). The game reaches a global audience and the artists that petition to do the game are usually about to drop an album or do a tour.  Check the last 10 Superbowls all the artists did just that.”

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That is exactly what Usher did. While taking the field at the Super Bowl, the singer also released his newest album, Coming Home. And Usher doesn’t appear all that upset about his paycheck as he considered the opportunity an “honor of a lifetime” that had always been a bucket list item for him. With his performance gaining high praise and a new album, Usher looks to expand that net worth by a few zeros. 

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