Jagjaguwar Announces ‘Join The Ritual’ Record Featuring Bruce Hornsby, Jamila Woods, and More

Independent record label Jagjaguwar continues its 25th-anniversary celebration today (July 28) with the reveal of the third-quarter release, Join the Ritual, later this year. The 11-track project, set for September 24, brings together more artists and inspirations which propelled label founder Darius Van Arman and partner Chris Swanson to begin their journey a quarter of a century ago.

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Alongside the album announcement, the label has released Bruce Hornsby’s adaptation of Dinosaur Jr.’s “Feel The Pain” and Jamila Woods’ take on Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” The album also includes Angel Olsen, Nap Eyes, Pink Mountaintops, Spencer Krug, and others.

Join the Ritual comes after two previous entries in Jag Quarterly, This is a Mindfulness Drill and Dilate Your Heart. As legend has it, the label’s moniker came from a Dungeons & Dragons name aggregator, and as Paul La Farge explored in the September 2006 issue of The Believer, “Dungeons & Dragons is not a game,” later referencing a fantasy theorist who posited that the board game is “in the strict sense of the term, a ritual.”

Pre-order the limited edition opaque white vinyl here.

Artwork by Eric Yahnker

Check out the tracklist below.

  1. Spencer Krug – “Red Dress” (Jad Fair)
  2. The Besnard Lakes – “Good Morning, Captain” (Slint)
  3. They Hate Change – “The Seeming and The Meaning” (Stereolab)
  4. Angel Olsen – “Cold Blooded Old Times” (Smog)
  5. Bruce Hornsby – “Feel The Pain” (Dinosaur Jr.)
  6. Jamila Woods – “Fast Car”(Tracy Chapman)
  7. Nap Eyes – “Car” (Built to Spill)
  8. S. Carey – “Weight of Water” (Low)
  9. Pink Mountaintops – “The Concept” (Teenage Fanclub)
  10. Cut Worms – “One For The Catholic Girls” (Simon Joyner)
  11. Okay Kaya – “Nightswimming” (R.E.M.)

Photo (Bruce) by Sarah Walor and (Jamila) by Bradley Murray

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