John Stamos Opens Up About Performing with the Beach Boys “The Thrill of My Life”

Many fans know John Stamos from his time on incredibly popular and long-running TV shows like Full House and General Hospital. However, he is far from a one-trick pony. Along with being an actor, Stamos is also a musician. He has been playing with the Beach Boys since the mid-’80s. He’ll continue his stint with the classic band as they embark on their Endless Summer Gold Tour this summer. The tour celebrates the 50th anniversary of their iconic album Endless Summer.

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Recently, Stamos joined the Beach Boys as they headlined the Fox and Friends All-American Summer Concert Series. During an onstage interview, Stamos shared his thoughts about performing with the band. “Discord is at an all-time high and decency at an all-time low, but thank God we have the Beach Boys music to get us through,” he said. “The music that they wrote was made for this moment right now. It’s almost more powerful now than when [they] wrote it,” he added.

About performing with the Beach Boys, he said, “Next to the son and my wife, it’s the thrill of my life. I’m so thankful for Mike and Bruce and the guys. Just to be a little part of the conduit that puts this great music out into the world—I’m very thankful.”  

How John Stamos Started Performing with the Beach Boys

John Stamos recalled how he started playing drums for the Beach Boys in an interview with Howard Stern. “I played drums since I was a kid and the Beach Boys were my idols growing up in Southern California,” he said.

“I knew the guitar player and I went to a show and he come back before the encore,” he recalled. “It was like ’81 or ’82 and General Hospital was on and all these girls and cheerleaders chased me into the dressing room,” he added. “Mike Love said, ‘Who’s that?’ and Jeff said, ‘That’s my friend. He’s on TV.’ Mike said, ‘Do girls follow him around like that all the time?’ Jeff said, ‘Yeah’ and Mike said ‘Get him on stage,’” Stamos explained.

“I was around and I would play on the encore. And Dennis had died, their original drummer. They always used two drummers. So, I was double drumming for a while. I just kept on and kept on and my drumming was decent,” he said.

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