Jon Bon Jovi Clears the Air on Friendship With Richie Sambora After He Left the Band

Given the massive success that followed Jon Bon Jovi and his band over the years, it only made sense that a film would eventually be made. Following the ups and downs of touring on the road and creating music, Thank You Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the band while off stage. Holding a screening in Los Angeles on April 10, Bon Jovi decided to not only showcase the film but to hold a Q&A where he discussed his time on stage and friendship with Richie Sambora. 

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Back during the 2013 world tour, Bon Jovi found themselves without a guitarist when Sambora continuously missed a string of shows and eventually departed from the group. While speculation and rumors followed the split, Bon Jovi wanted to clear the air about Sambora leaving and if there was any sort of fight that led to the decision. 

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According to Bon Jovi, “There was never a fight. There was substance abuse, there was anxiety, there was being a single parent, there was a lot of personal issues he was going through. But never to this day did any of us, me or him or David [Bryan] or Tico [Torres], ever have a fight.”

Jon Bon Jovi Not Mad At Richie Sambora

With Sambora wanting to stay home and raise his daughter, Bon Jovi understood and respected his decision. He insisted, “There’s no animosity. An integral part of my story for three of the four chapters was my right-hand man, asked to join my band and I was lucky to have met him. But life went on.” He added, “When he quit the band, it was going to stop because he quit the band. So I don’t hold any animosity. Unfortunately, rock and roll’s not a life sentence. And I respect the idea that he wanted to stay home and raise his daughter. It’s unfortunate for us and for the world, but I am not mad about it.”

As for Sambora, he explained how his departure with People back in 2021. “It wasn’t a popular decision by any means, obviously, but there was really almost no choice about it. I had a lot of conscious work to do around [my personal life].” He continued, “I had people around me that loved me, and it was a good thing I got through it … I realized [daughter] Ava needed me to be around at that point in time. Family had to come first, and that’s what happened.”

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