Keith Urban Discusses New Album “High” and How Joan Cusack Helped Inspire His New Single “Wildside”

Although releasing 11 studio albums throughout his prosperous career on stage, the last time Keith Urban revealed a new album was back in 2020 with The Speed of Now Part 1. With fans anxiously awaiting a new album from the singer, it appears the wait is finally over as the star announced the release of High. While the album doesn’t hit shelves until late September, the singer decided to go ahead and give fans a taste of what to expect with his new single “Wildside.” And discussing the writing process, Urban revealed how he drew inspiration from Joan Cusack. 

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Embracing themes of hope, living in the moment, the human connection, and just having fun, Urban seemed thrilled about High. “I’ve always been drawn toward the subject of living in the moment, because it’s all there is, and it’s hard to do. And these days with so much ‘content’ flying at us, it can feel like drinking from a fire hose.” As for the title, Urban continued that it revolved around “What makes you ‘high’ can mean whatever you want it to mean.” He added his own highs are “Playing guitar, writing songs and the place where I always feel high – playing live. Every night I get a chance to bring an energy and a release to people.”

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Keith Urban Gives Fans A Taste Of New Album

As for his new single “Wildside”, Urban pointed to Cusack’s role in the hit film School of Rock. “She’s the principal of a school by day, all prim and proper. And then, a few tequilas at night and all bets are off.”

Looking at what fans had to say about the new single, comments included, “Fantastically aaaaamazing song ️️️ Just wish we could have actually seen Keith’s handsome face too! We come here for the songs AND the singers, so come on guys, give us BOTH, not just basically dull silhouettes !!” Another comment included, “This is such a danceable, hit your knees go to the dancefloor & be wild on the wildside beat, Keith Urban is such an amazing guitar player been a fan of Keith Urban’s since Days go by always will be can’t wait for the new album High, love this love you Keith Urban.”

Although looking forward to hearing what fans think about the new album, the recording process appeared difficult for Urban given his 2022 tour at the time. “There was no continuity. The songs didn’t work well together. I learned that what I thought was a framework to create within, turned out to be musically limiting.”

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