Kelly Clarkson Surprises Jewel with ‘The Masked Singer’ Trophy

On her show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, singer Kelly Clarkson surprised Jewel, who recently won The Masked Singer competition on FOX, with her trophy.

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Sitting down on the couch to begin the fun trophy ceremony segment, the two acclaimed vocalists complemented each other and shared a fellow appreciation for the holiday season.

“That’s so amazing, you won!” Clarkson said. “Was it so exciting?”

“It was a really fun show,” Jewel said, smiling.

“My sister and mother,” Clarkson replied. “No joke, are obsessed. They call me all the time!”

Clarkson then asked Jewel why she chose to dress up as the Queen of Hearts for The Masked Singer, which, as its name would suggest, features celebrities singing in masks and costumes.

“It was actually something I had been working on in my own drawings,” Jewel said. “I do artwork. So, I’d been drawing this one-eyed heart for quite a while. And when I decided to do the show, that’s what I wanted to make it after.”

Check out the full conversation below.

Premiering in 2019, The Masked Singer pits famous singers, songwriters, and all-around acclaimed artists against each other in a musical showdown where their identity is unknown. Judges (Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke) and fans listen to celebrities donned head to toe in elaborate costumes before eliminating one performer each week.

Earlier this month, the show unmasked its season 6 winner in the finale, revealing folk/pop singer Jewel, the winner, under the Queen of Hearts costume. Todrick Hall was runner up in the bull costume.

“It really is an honor to be in the hall of costumes and with the other amazing winners,” Jewel said after her triumph. “And everybody was so talented on this show. And it’s just the privilege of a lifetime to get to be yourself. This show oddly really gets at your essence, and I find that really special about this show. It really reminded me of before I was famous, singing in a coffee shop, and to be able to just have people react to your voice not knowing anything else was really touching. I’m not a cool person, I never have been, but I have a lot of heart, and that’s why I wanted to be the Heart.”

Watch The Masked Singer Season 6 winner reveal, below.

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