Lainey Wilson Shares Her Dolly Parton-Inspired Mantra with Kelly Clarkson

Dolly Parton is so much more than a country music legend. She’s also a guiding light for countless people both in and out of the genre. Her style, confidence, and kindness inspire people from all walks of life. Recently, Lainey Wilson revealed that Parton is at the center of the mantra that helps her navigate life.

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Earlier this week, Wilson appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss her meteoric rise to stardom. While she was there, she revealed how Parton is her North Star when making decisions about her future.

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Lainey Wilson Reveals Her Dolly Parton-Inspired Mantra

During their conversation, Clarkson asked, “You have a mantra you live by, right?”

“I have a few but the one I think about daily is WW Double D. That is What Would Dolly Do,” Wilson replied. Clarkson got a kick out of this. Wilson said, “Y’all see what I did there?”

Then, Wilson and Clarkson heaped praise upon the “I Will Always Love You” singer. “I love that woman,” Wilson said. Clarkson agreed. “She’s so kind, so cool, so genuine,” she said. Then, the talk show host added, that Parton is “Even better in person.” She went on to say that meeting Parton made her wonder how the icon could be as nice as she is.

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“They say don’t meet your heroes,” Wilson said. “But it’s really cool to see that people are just as kind as they are talented.” Then, she said of Parton, “She’s given me so much advice. Even before I knew her, before I got to know her at all, the amount that she taught me just in how she carried herself. She’s not scared to do it all. … She’s this little girl from this little town where probably nobody ever left. I just look up to her a whole lot. I think she’s the best.”

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