Luke Bryan Promises an “Emotional” Farewell to Katy Perry on ‘American Idol’ & Shares His Love/Hate Relationship With Fishing

Spending over two decades in country music, Luke Bryan used his time in the spotlight to not only release seven studio albums but also sell over 75 million records. And that is just the start as his music helped him snag the Entertainer of the Year award not once but five times. Outside the studio, Bryan also helped aspiring artists make their dreams come true as he judged American Idol alongside Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. But when it comes to his hobbies, the country star recently detailed his love/hate relationship with fishing. 

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When looking at country music, there are countless songs surrounding fishing, hunting, drinking, and encompassing what it means to be country. While sharing a love for fishing, Bryan explained how the sport caused him to suffer from red eyes and a stuffy nose. Thankfully, the country singer isn’t allergic to fishing, just bass. That’s right, any fisherman knows the thrill of wrestling a bass to the net. But for Bryan, a bass means something entirely different due to his allergic reaction. 

Luke Bryan Promises ‘American Idol’ Finale Will Be “Emotional”

Discussing the discomfort, Bryan told Katie Neal, “If I look like I’ve been smoking pot, that’s not true, I’ve been catching bass.” The allergic reactions bring enough discomfort that if the singer caught a bass, he explained how another fisherman needed to take it off the hook so his hands didn’t start to swell. Recalling his childhood, Bryan joked that his dad refused to give him medicine while fishing, telling him to “suck it up” when needing to unhook a bass.

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Currently on American Idol, where there are no fish, Bryan is soaking in his last season with fellow judge Perry. Speaking with ET about Perry leaving the show, the country star said, “It’s kind of like the clock’s ticking, every episode’s one more getting closer to the finale where obviously we won’t be doing this together.” And as for the season finale, he promised, “It will be an emotional night. We know that she’s not gonna be here. But we’ve had a hell of a ride. It’s been fun.” 

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