Luke Bryan Says a Fan’s Cellphone Didn’t Cause His Viral Onstage Fall: “I Was Kind of Hamming That Up”

On Saturday (April 20), Luke Bryan was performing at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver, Canada when he took a spill onstage. He was hyping up the crowd when his feet went out from under him. Fortunately, the “Crash My Party” singer was unharmed in the fall and was almost immediately back on his feet and making jokes.

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Bryan didn’t let the fall dampen his mood. He sat up with a big grin plastered on his face, holding a cellphone. “Hold up! Did anybody get that?” he asked the festival crowd as he got to his knees. Tossing the phone back to a fan, he joked, “It’s okay. Hey, my lawyer, my lawyer will be calling.”

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Bryan spoke to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet after the most recent episode of American Idol. During the brief chat, he talked about his fall and cleared up some widespread rumors about the incident.

Luke Bryan Recalls His Onstage Fall

During the conversation, Bryan revealed that he was already having back issues when he took the fall. “Ironically, last week, I was having back trouble to the point where I had to get a chiropractor to the room,” he revealed. Whatever the chiropractor did seems to have worked. He was feeling fine when he took the stage.

“So, when I hit the ground… the first thing I thought was ‘Oh God, all the work I did to get my back feeling better is out,’” he told the publication. Then, he discussed what he thought caused the fall.

“Everybody is reporting about the cellphone, but I was kind of hamming that up,” he revealed. “I don’t think it was a cellphone. I think it was just slick,” he added. Even if it was the cellphone did cause his fall, he’s not mad about it.

“I need viral moments,” he said jokingly. “My new single is ‘Love You, Miss You, Mean It.’ Now I gotta get the bumper sticker made—I busted my ass and this is my new single.”

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