Luke Dick on ‘Songwriter Soup’ Podcast: “I’m Trying to Feel Good About What I’m Writing”

The Songwriter Soup podcast continues with an appearance by hit songwriter Luke Dick, the man behind such hits as Miranda Lambert’s “Bluebird,” Dierks Bentley and Brothers Osborne’s “Burning Man” Jackson Dean’s chart-topping debut single, “Don’t Come Lookin” and more. Despite being one of Nashville’s top songwriters, Dick sits down with fellow hit songwriter Laura Veltz, financial advisor Tracy Hackney and host Kevin Sokolnicki for an engaging discussion about his perspective on if he one day will become a legacy songwriter who gets to a point where his career has “played out.”

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“He is hilarious and fun and the way he sees life is just completely all by itself, it’s on its own,” Veltz raves, citing Dick as one of her best friends. “He’s such an inspiration to me and I have a feeling he’ll be an inspiration to you.”

When asked about his perspective on one day being a songwriter whose commercial success has phased out, Dick insightfully says that he doesn’t see it as “the death of your career,” but rather “its life has played out.” Among the examples he cites of a songwriting career that’s phased out are “your language doesn’t work” in the modern songwriting cannon or culture at large anymore, or someone who is unable to come up with fresh ideas. Even though he’s a hit songwriter, Dick admits that he’s questioned his career at times, but his love of the process and creative collaboration has kept him going.

“There are days when I’m sitting in the studio writing thinking, ‘This is silly, what are we doing here?’ he observes. “Ultimately at the end of the day, I’m trying to feel good about what I’m writing, even if it’s a silly song, it’s not profound or anything but turns a little light on. Also, when you’re in a room with people that you love, you’re trying to have fun with each other and be a part of the creative process. I feel like that’s going to be my life forever, whoever’s around me is that we’re having a creative process together.”

Dick believes there will be other creative endeavors on the other side of his songwriting career, such as producing a movie or indulging in simple activities like writing poems in his backyard, growing gardens and spending time with the people he loves.

“I could see that being my life,” he says. “If this were the last year of songwriting that I’ve ever done, I’d be pretty proud.”

Dick is nominated for Producer of the Year at the 2023 ACM Awards, airing live from the Ford Center in Dallas, Texas, on May 11 at 8 p.m. ET on Amazon Prime Video. He garnered his latest No. 1 song this week with Bentley’s “Gold.”

Photo Credit: Kit Wood/Courtesy of Luke Dick

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