Madonna is Getting Sued Again: Late Shows, Sweltering Venues, and Lip-Syncing

Some of Madonna‘s fans are suing her again with claims of late shows, hot venues, and lip-syncing. Three fans have filed a class-action lawsuit in Washington, D.C., against Madonna and Live Nation.

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The suit claims that the tickets for two December dates of Madonna’s Celebration Tour stated the show would start at 8:30 p.m., but allegedly she didn’t appear until almost 10:30 p.m. This is similar to a suit filed last year concerning a late concert in Brooklyn.

According to a report from Rolling Stone, who obtained a copy of the suit, the three fans feel “deceived” by Live Nation and Madonna. Additionally, because of the late start, they “had to leave the concerts early prior to the concerts’ conclusion, therefore depriving each of them of the benefit of seeing the complete concert.”

To add insult to injury for Madonna, the suit claims she “maintain[ed] a hot and uncomfortable temperature in the venue during her performance” and “lip sync[ed] much of her performance.” The fans claim Madonna’s actions represent her “arrogant and total disrespect” for fans. The suit concludes, “In essence, Madonna and Live Nation are a consumer’s worst nightmare.”

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Madonna Sued Again for Being Late to Her Own Shows

According to the suit, when Madonna eventually appeared onstage, she announced, “I am sorry I am late… no, I am not sorry, it’s who I am… I’m always late.” The suit also included the prices the three plaintiffs paid for their tickets.

One fan paid $992.76 on StubHub, while the others paid $537.70 and $252.44 on Ticketmaster, both for a pair of tickets. The lawsuit states that neither the D.C. venue, Madonna, nor Live Nation gave ticketholders any advance notice that the shows would start later than advertised.

There are also documented instances of Madonna being tardy to her own shows in the past. Notably, she was late to Brooklyn shows on her 2016 Rebel Heart Tour and 2019 Madame X Tour. “There have been myriad articles in the media and the internet over the years of fans complaining about Madonna not taking the stage for several hours after the advertised start time of her concerts,” the lawsuit reads.

Per the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking damages, interest, and “any other relief” from Madonna and Live Nation. A footnote on the lawsuit reads, per Rolling Stone, “This Complaint is not about unhappy fans who don’t want to stay up late, but instead, reasonable, responsible people who had commitments to babysitters, work, getting their vehicles out of parking lots that closed at 12:00 midnight, and realizing that public transportation would no longer be operating.”

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