Madonna Lashes Out at Production Staff for Not Turning off Air Conditioning: “Gonna Have to Dock Your Pay”

With a career spanning nearly 50 years, Madonna not only gained the name “Queen of Pop” but she ranked as the greatest woman in music by VH1. And who could blame them as she released iconic songs like “Like a Virgin”, “Vogue”, “Take a Bow”, and “Hung Up.” Selling over 300 million albums, Madonna also landed on the silver screen in movies like Dick Tracy, A League of Their Own, and Evita. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the icon is currently helming her Celebration Tour. But while celebrating her years in music, the star recently criticized show staff for not managing the air conditioning. 

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For any fan who ever attended a concert in an arena, they know the importance of air conditioning. Packing thousands of fans into an arena full of lights can produce a significant amount of heat. So to make the performers and audience comfortable, the air conditioning is often turned up. And while most are thankful for such a gesture, Madonna is not. When performing at the Kaseya Center arena in Miami, Florida, the singer lashed out at staff for not turning off the air conditioning. 

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In a somewhat confusing tirade, Madonna stopped her show to address the staff for supposedly making it too cold in the arena. Thankfully, fans had their phones ready, capturing the entire ordeal. In one video, Madonna offered some advice to her staff, which included shutting the doors or closing the curtains in the lounges to help combat the heat. Visibly irritated by the situation, she even suggested, “Gonna have to dock your pay.” 

Madonna Insists She Deserves To Be Respected

That was just the start as another video showed her cursing at the staff, declaring, “You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this whole f**king show. I am working my ass off, I deserve it. Respect me. The show will not go on until you respect me.”

While Madonna found an issue with the temperature inside the arena, fans offered a different take. For one person in attendance, they recalled the heat. “It was hot in there!! I was completely over it about half way just waiting for her to show up! I used my pizza box cover to fan myself (it’s the mini pizzas they sell there)” Another fan added, “I remember how hot it was at the concert cuz she had the AC turned off. Where’s the consideration for her fans[?]”

Madonna claimed that the heat helps with her pain from the infection. She also offered advice to fans, stating, “Take off your f**king clothes.” 

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