Margot Robbie’s Favorite Artists Range from the Beach Boys to Slipknot

When it comes to music, Margot Robbie’s tastes are eclectic, to say the least. Robbie is currently the star of the massive hit film, Barbie, where she plays the titular character. The soundtrack is arguably as popular as the film itself, with Slash, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj and Sam Smith among the superstars who’ve contributed songs.

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Growing up in Australia, the actresses’ music tastes were truly across the board. As a child, she was exposed to the Beach Boys via her family, who had a Beach Boys album that was “all [she] would listen to,” Robbie told Rolling Stone. “I had watched a documentary about how the Beach Boys would have been even more popular if the Beatles hadn’t come along and stolen the limelight.”

As a teenager, she entered a “very emo” phase that she opened up about during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. During those formative years, she exclusively listened to heavy metal music, going so far as to dye her hair black and cut it with a razor blade. She also recalled attending a Slipknot concert years later while starring on the Australian soap opera Neighbours and had metal heads coming up to her at the show asking about the characters. “I still genuinely like it,” she said of the genre.

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But on the other end of the spectrum, the Wolf of Wall Street star was also a massive Spice Girls fan, so much so the all-female group helped inform her view of feminism. “The Spice Girls changed everything and dictated my version of second-wave feminism,” she says of the hit ’90s pop group. “It’s like, ‘Oh, my God, they wear little sparkly dresses and push-up bras, and then have a girl gang? That’s what I want to be!’” 

Barbie is a box office smash, having already raked in more than one billion dollars since its July 2023 release. The soundtrack has also proven to be a hit, with Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” and Minaj, Ice Spice and Aqua’s reimagination of Aqua’s hit “Barbie World” currently in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album itself debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Soundtrack Albums chart and No. 2 on the all-genre Billboard 200.

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