Megan Thee Stallion Says Tory Lanez Offered $1 Million to Keep Quiet About Shooting

Megan Thee Stallion testified yesterday (Dec. 13) as part of her ongoing trial against Tory Lanez. While recalling the alleged shooting that occurred at a party in the Hollywood Hills, the rapper claimed Lanez offered her $1 million in hush money if she would forget the incident.

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Megan said Lanez asked, “Please don’t say anything. I’ll give y’all a million dollars. I can’t go to jail. I already got caught with a gun before.”

Lanez is charged with one felony count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and one felony count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. He picked up an additional charge right before the trial for discharging a firearm with gross negligence.

Per Rolling Stone, Megan also reiterated that she lied to the police soon after the shooting, saying she had stepped on glass. “This was the height of police brutality and George Floyd, and if I said this man just shot me, I didn’t know if they might shoot first and ask questions later,” she told the courtroom.

She added, “In the Black community, in my community, it’s not really acceptable to be cooperating with police officers.” She also said that as a woman in the music industry, “people have a hard time believing you anyway.”

Megan underwent surgery soon after the incident and stayed in the hospital for multiple days. The rapper recently detailed her recovery. “Both of my legs wrapped up,” she said. “I could not walk. I still have bullet fragments in my feet right now. I was very scared that I was not able to be Megan Thee Stallion no more. And I was fucked up.”

Megan’s friend Kelsey Harris is expected to testify later this week. Lanez’s defense attorney George Mgdesyan is leading with the theory that it was Harris who shot Megan. If Lanez is found guilty, he faces up to 22 years in prison.

Megan said prior to the trial, “I thought we had a real connection. I thought he knew me. And I never would’ve thought he would’ve shot at me at all. I never put my hands on this man. I never did anything to him. There was an argument. People argue every day. Friends argue every day.”

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