Morgan Wade Opens Up about Her Double Mastectomy to Prevent Cancer

Early detection is vital, and Morgan Wade understands that first-hand. The country rocker best known for her smash single “Wilder Days” will undergo a double mastectomy later this year. 

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The breakout artist exclusively told Page Six that she tested positive for the RAD51D gene, a mutation that can increase the risk of ovarian cancer or breast cancer. When Wade received the news last year, she was overseas in Europe performing. 

“I had the RAD51D gene. It’s a breast cancer gene. So, I’m having a double mastectomy in November,” Wade explained. “I’m going really hard up until November, so then November and December, I have off to rest,” she added, referring to her music career. 

The vocalist confirmed that she’s “feeling fine,” but is taking proper precautions to prevent cancer. Wade is disappointed that the surgery will force her to put working out on the back burner. 

“I’m just pissed I won’t be able to work out because I really like working out,” the songstress declared. “That’s my only qualm about it.” 

Wade said she’s a fitness junkie, who works out seven days a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The RAD51D gene is genetic. According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, if a biological parent or sibling has the mutation, there is a 50% chance it could be passed down. A distant family member could also be at risk of having the same mutation. 

“My mom had it, and my little cousin is going to get it, but I’ll be fine,” she added with an optimistic attitude. 

Wade is hitting the ground running until she undergoes surgery. The promising vocalist recently announced her second studio album, Psychopath

“When I went in to make Reckless, I didn’t have any expectations. @sadlervaden and I sat down with the songs that we had written and gave each song its own sound and its own life… with no pressure,” she wrote about the forthcoming album. “I didn’t know that Reckless was going to change everything for me. That record catapulted me into my career. It made fans and friends out of all of you reading this and coming to my shows literally all over the world, now.”  

Wade continued, “When I started working on Psychopath I was nervous (still am) about following such a “critically-acclaimed” album. But as I sit here and listen to this art that Sadler and I created (again), I am proud. This record shows where I have been since Reckless, and where I’m at now. I hope you guys can feel my authenticity and that you can get something out of this project.” 

The highly anticipated LP is expected to arrive on Aug. 25. 

Photo by David McClister

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