Myles Kennedy Spreads Earth-Saving Message Through “Get Along”

Closing in on the release of his second album The Ides of March (Napalm Records), out May 14, Myles Kennedy is beginning to get more animated—literally.

Videos by American Songwriter

Working along with British director and animator Ollie Jones (Coraline), Kennedy created an animated short film with a deeper message around “Get Along,” the album’s opening track.

Bringing to life an idea Kennedy had, depicting society’s impact on wildlife, the video shows a group of animals in the forest coming together to battle the expanded infrastructure, deforestation, pollution, and other elements destroying their livelihood and natural homes. 

The third single from The Ides of March, produced by long time collaborator Michael “Elvis” Baskette, “Get Along” finds Kennedy in a more contemplative, songwriting sate, singing Now it stands to reason / That in time we’d see a change / But the more things keep on shifting round / The more they stay the same.

Accompanying Kennedy’s more penetrating lyricism, visuals of animated creatures—deer, beavers, bears, an owl, and even a “ninja” turtle—all working together to protect their land, help get the message across that everyone needs to band together to save the earth.

Prior to “Get Along,” Kennedy released the album’s title track—also the longest song on the album, running at seven minutes, 39 seconds, and featuring collaborators bassist and manager Tim Tournier and drummer Zia Uddin—and the anthemic caution of near-apocalyptic times on “In Stride.” 

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