Nathan Chester’s Miscredited Finale Performance Has ‘The Voice’ Fans Chirping

With such an exciting season full of talented singers, The Voice needed two nights to announce the latest winner. Over the season finale, contestants Josh Sanders, Karen Waldrup, Bryan Olesen, Nathan Chester, and Asher HaVon took the stage for one last time, hoping to win over the audience. Full of memorable performances and guest appearances from Lainey Wilson and Jelly Roll, the season finale seemed to be one of the best yet. But while each singer showcased their talents on the stage, fans criticized The Voice for giving credit to the wrong singer when Chester performed “A Song For You.” 

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On Monday night, Chester took the stage for his second performance, which featured him singing “A Song For You.” Sharing the performance on Twitter, The Voice wrote, “Safe to say we’re BLOWN AWAY by Nathan Chester’s radiant rendition of “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway.”

Although The Voice was right about Chester, they were wrong about who released the song and fans weren’t about to let them get away with it. “If you’re a musician then at least give credit to the correct artist that wrote A Song For You, which is Leon Russell! Not Donny Hathaway who covered it.” Setting the record straight, “A Song For You” originally hit the airwaves in 1970 by pianist Leon Russell. While a small mishap, another fan added, “It’s not Donny Hathaway! The credit goes to Leon Russell, why do ppl always forget that? Thank you! Drives me crazy!”

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Fans Praise Nathan Chester’s Performance On ‘The Voice’

While The Voice credited the wrong singer, Chester gained praise for his performance with comments reading, “Yes. Just yes. Nathan is so dynamic. He goes from loud to soft to heartbreakingly gentle to powerfully in charge all within a line or two. God, his breathing is HUGE. His eyes and voice are so emotionally expressive – it’s obvious he knows exactly what emotion every half line should have, and he’s tried every single option. He just milks his voice – the alternation of so many different techniques just worked, like a gentle but firm lover, he just threw his audience up against a wall with this one.”

Enjoying his time on the show, Chester ended up losing the competition as the winner of season 25 went to Team Reba’s Asher HaVon. Excited about winning, HaVon always stayed true to himself throughout the season, even sharing his secret to success. “Always being the fullest version of myself when it comes to showing up. A secret that is so loud yet can be looked over all the time.”

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