New App Takes Fans Into Elvis Presley’s Life in Memphis

The renewed interest in the life of the king of rock and roll following Baz Luhrmann’s hit Elvis biopic has sparked and the Follow Elvis app is formatted to tell the entire story of Presley’s life, through footage, stories, photos, a guided tour through more than 200 locations in Memphis, Tennessee linked to Presley, and more.

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Calling the app the “ultimate immersive fan experience that curates written articles, audio design, and video footage showcasing the compelling story of Elvis,” the developers of Follow Elvis App created an inside look into Presley’s life around his time in Memphis with more than 1,000 pages of text, 36 hours of audio, and more then 200 guides exploring locations linked to “The King.”

“We’ve read all the books, watched all the films, and listened to the music over and over,” said the developers, listed as Morten, Justin, Henrik, Khurram, and Jakob on the Follow Elvis website, in a statement. “But we want to go deeper and give his millions of fans around the world the change to get a close-up of The King.”

A snapshot of some of Memphis spots linked to Elvis. (Photo: Courtesy Follow Elvis ApS)

To research the app thoroughly and present Presley’s life in Memphis accurately, the team spent more than 20,000 hours on research trips to Memphis, collecting stories, filming locations around the city, and more for the app. Using the app, fans can follow Elvis in Memphis virtually visiting more than 200 locations links with detailed stories. The GPS also doubles as an in-person guide for those visiting Memphis.

Follow Elvis guides brings users into Elvis’ homes, the restaurants he liked to eat, the dealerships where he bought his cars, and other curated tours, featuring more than 200 five- to 15-minute episodes per location. The app also includes more than 800 pages of researched articles with some previously unpublished facts about Elvis.

“We are all too young to remember the day Elvis died,” said the developers. “To us, he is still alive through the wonderful music he recorded during his all too short career. Instead of mourning the songs and time with Elvis, we did not get we choose the celebrate the songs and time we did get.”

They added, “Every word, every piece of code, every photo and video taken for the app pursues the goal of making the most of the short time the King ruled this world. We hope our app will reflect our dedication.”

Photo: Authentic Brands Group (ABG)

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