New Fleet Foxes: “Battery Kinzie”

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Unless you’re a history buff or live in a certain part of the world, you probably don’t know what a battery kinzie is, which is an old fort built in Fort Worden, Washington. But if you’re a Fleet Foxes fan, “battery” and “kinzie” are your two new favorite words.

The Seattle band has released “Battery Kinzie,” the second track to surface from their upcoming album Helplessness Blues, after last January’s title track graced our ears. The new song leaked on BBC Radio yesterday. It’s got a fairly bombastic sound for such a peaceful band. Take a listen below.

Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinzie by One Thirty BPM

Helplessness Blues is due May 3 on Sub Pop.


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  1. These guys are capable of good sounds, as seen on their Sun Giant EP, and select tracks from The eponymous debut, but both the singles released for the sophmore album are just lacking. They need more distinct melodies, more catchy or gripping instrumental flow, and a little more relatable lyrical content at times here. This song can’t be compared to Simon and Garfunkle as people have been doing. It’s not at all good enough, aside from the fact that its accoustic, its folk, and its mellow. Nothing is popping out at me enough to touch my soul and get stuck in my head for life, like most of the CSN and S&G stuff did. Maybe my standards are too high, but I won’t go placing this with the all time greatests willynilly. Because then, those bands would cease to be the all-time greatests. More Mykinos/English Houses/WWH stuff is what they need. But I’m glad to see theyve cut back on the overused hym-like chourusy ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhing they had been doing (a bit toooo much) before. Come on Guys, DOnt sell out! Too many others before you have!

  2. The Helplessness Blues lyrics are extremely relatable for some people. Innumerable young people are unsure about where they stand and about which path through life will make them happiest.
    As far as unfair comparisons go, I agree with you. I get the feeling that people have heard like one or two S&G or CSN songs and defined those groups’ entire catalogues through them. Believe me FF are not these bands and shouldn’t aspire to mimic their sounds but rather their configurations.
    Unlike CSN, S&G and others, FF’s frontman has got no support. Great bands have one or more of these keys elements: a standout musician/vocalist (besides frontman), a songwriting team, or a couple of secondary writers. Still waiting on the other ‘Foxes’ to step out of the shadows and their backup/session player roles and contribute to what could be more diverse and memorable albums.

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