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Equipment Review: Yamaha P-121B Digital Piano

Yamaha P-121B Digital Piano A true acoustic piano sound is what inspires a lot of singer-songwriters. I am one of them. If your instrument sounds and feels right, you are moved to do...

Fender American Performer Series Stratocaster

Fender American Performer Series Stratocaster Over the last few years, Fender has gone back to the drawing board and re-imagined many of their most popular guitars, adding player requested specs to produce a factory-modded instrument,...

Korg Krome EX Review

Each piano sound felt very natural and responsive, and I swore I was playing on the “real deal” at points, let alone making this feel like a super expensive workstation.

LR Baggs Align Series Chorus and Delay Review

I’ll start with a disclaimer: I’m an LR Baggs fan… my Para DI has saved me countless times from weak output, tricky room acoustics and monitor feedback. I was, however, a little curious when the company announced...

Mackie DL16S Review

Mackie DL16S live sound stage mixer Stageboxes have become all the rage in recent years, and with good reason. Technological advancements have enabled bands to ditch the racks of power amps, large mixers...

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