Ricky Martin Channels Everyone in the World with One Single Tweet

Today (December 31) is New Year’s Eve.

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Traditionally, that means a time for parties and running a little bit wild as we usher in a new calendar year. Right?!

But if you’re like me or anyone else in the greater Pacific Northwest, you’re under about six or seven inches of snow. And all around you planned shows are being cancelled, from big names to up and comers.

Elsewhere, of course, in other regions of the country and the world at large—whether covered in snow or not—there is doubt at what the future might hold. Worries about weather, disease, and stability abound. Fires, too.

News of glaciers melting, COVID spreading, and who knows what else is around the corner hangs over all of us. Yet, there is often a glimmer of light when things get to be their most opaque and dark.

Today, that shining light of hope comes to us from none other than Ricky Martin, who shares a message on Twitter, summing up each and every one of our thoughts as if made of magic: “Not to brag, but I already chose the sweatpants I will be wearing for New Year’s Eve.”

Never before has life made so much sense in under 140 characters!

Before, Martin was “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and now he’s living life by hitting the sack at a reasonable hour. How far we’ve come since 1999.

These days, exhausted by the world around us, we party like it’s our 99th birthday. Not like it’s the turn of a new millennium. (Millennium shmillennium, am I right?)

And for those of you staying home like Martin, check out our guide of what to watch to still enjoy the ball drop and some good music.

If anyone needed any more reason to stay home, the world’ favorite cartoon show, SpongeBob SquarePants, agrees with Martin hook, line, and sinker, as you can see in the tweet below, which reads, “us on New Year’s Eve at 11:47 pm” alongside a photo of a sleeping Patrick.

And all jokes aside, be safe out there, y’all! And Happy New Year!

Photo of Ricky Martin by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

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