Ringo Starr Calls Beatles Single Being No. 1 “Incredible”

The Beatles being back on top again is music to Ringo Starr’s ears. Decades after the legendary band went separate ways for good, The Beatles is charting at No. 1 thanks to the release of one final song. “Now and Then” closes the door on one of music’s most defining acts, and former bandmate Ringo Starr couldn’t be happier with the song’s warm reception.

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Starr took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the good news with his followers. He wrote, “What’s happening it’s all happening number one in England UK incredible a few more facts will come on the screen. Peace and love everybody. It’s a beautiful day.”

The fact that The Beatles can return to the top of the charts all these years later is nothing short of historic. The new single marks their first No. 1 hit on the United Kingdom Charts since “The Ballad of John and Yoko.” You would have to go back to 1969 for that song.

With The Beatles going their separate ways in 1974, fans gave up on the possibility of new music from the group. The deaths of John Lennon in 1980 and George Harrison in 2001 cemented the end of the band as people knew it.

“Now and Then” breaks the record for the longest gap between No. 1 hits, beating out Kate Bush who previously held the record at 44 years thanks to Stranger Things making “Running Up That Hill” into a cultural phenomenon in 2022.

Bringing the song to life

It wasn’t the first time that The Beatles attempted to bring the song to fans. In 1995, the three remaining Beatles members tried to figure out a way to release the single. However, ultimately the technology wasn’t there at the time.

Modern-day, they were able to isolate Lennon’s vocals from a previous recording, finally sharing the song with fans. The reception to “Now and Then” has so far been very positive. One fan shared on Reddit, writing, “It’s a lovely tribute. I initially didn’t think much of it, but enjoyed it as a big Beatles fan. Is it A Day In The Life? No it is not. But it remains stuck in my head, gotta say it.” Meanwhile, another wrote, “Given its history, it’s a far better song than it really has any right to be. I like it a lot.”

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