Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé Were Teasing Joining ‘The Voice’ Right Under Our Noses

Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé were recently announced as the newest, and most unlikely, coaches of The Voice next season. However, before they were announced, Snoop Dogg seemingly hinted at their collaboration when he hit up Bublé on Twitter/X.

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“Yo hit me [Michael Bublé],” Snoop posted alongside a cell phone and music note emoji. The official account for The Voice replied to the tweet with the eyeball emoji, expressing that they were following the post closely. That should have given fans a heads up that there was something planned.

Still, some fans thought Bublé and Snoop were collaborating on new music. “This is going to be the worst song ever,” wrote an alleged music producer in the comments. Another fan wrote, “Dude I would listen to entire album of this collab. It would be a special kind of fire.” Snoop also posted a photo of himself with Bublé, which, again, could have hinted at something besides music.

Michael Bublé, for his part, responded with a gif of a cat in sunglasses with the caption “Sup Homie.” Looks like the two are already studying for their chemistry test. As in, they already have the best chemistry together and the new season hasn’t even started yet.

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Fans React to News of New The Voice Coach Lineup

Besides Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé in the big red chairs, Reba McEntire is returning for another season. Season 25 was her first as a full-time coach, while she spent time as the Mega Mentor during season 24. Now, she’ll be back for season 26 even as she gears up for her new comedy sitcom, Happy’s Place.

Additionally, another familiar face is returning to the chairs. Gwen Stefani, who has a bit of a habit of leaving The Voice, is coming back for another season following her reunion with No Doubt at Coachella. Of the entire lineup, fans were surprised yet interested, and had a lot to say about the choices.

“That’s actually a really good variety of musical styles,” one fan noted. “Country, vintage crooning, modern pop, and rap.”

Another added, “What’s so hilarious about Snoop is he’ll either have the worst team or somehow win it. There’s no in-between.” Yet another shared their feelings about McEntire and Snoop Dogg, writing, “Reba and Snoop!?! I’ll never get over this.”

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