Stevie Nicks Issues Definitive Statement on Fleetwood Mac’s Future and Possible Reunion

Well, we already kind of knew it. But hearing the news straight from Stevie Nicks is still bittersweet. Several members of Fleetwood Mac have hinted that the band would not perform again nor release new music in the wake of longtime member Christine McVie’s death in 2022. Now, it looks like Stevie Nicks has officially confirmed that Fleetwood Mac has disbanded for good.

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In a recent interview with Mojo, Nicks made things very clear for fans of Fleetwood Mac who may have been waiting for a potential reunion.

“Without Christine [McVie], no can do,” she said very clearly. “There’s no chance of putting Fleetwood Mac back together in any way. Without her, it just couldn’t work.”

McView passed away from complications due to a stroke in November 2022. Fellow bandmate Mick Fleetwood had similar sentiments about not moving on with the band in the wake of McVie’s passing.

Just as well, Nicks said that a reunion with former member Lindsey Buckingham is also off the table. Nicks and Buckingham famously had a falling-out that lasted years, but Buckingham officially left the band back in 2018. Today, he’s dealing with health issues that would make a reunion even more unlikely.

“It’s not for me to say, but I’m not sure if Lindsey could do the kind of touring that Fleetwood Mac does, where you go out for a year and half,” Nicks told Mojo. “It’s so demanding.”

Christine McVie’s Legacy Lives On

Christine McVie was one of the earlier members of Fleetwood Mac and an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. She was a Grammy award winner and a major influence on folk bands and songwriters today.

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Stevie Nicks said that she is fine with “celebrating Fleetwood Mac’s legacy” through her solo career. She is currently on tour as a solo artist, and she often performs quite a bit of music from her time in Fleetwood Mac. Even though Fleetwood Mac has officially disbanded, at least we still have Stevie Nicks performing live on tour.

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