The 4 Best Collaborations from Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus

The relationship between Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton will always warm our hearts. The music heavy hitters (and goddaughter and godmother) have pooled their talents several times. Each time they step on stage or hop in the studio together, magic happens. Below are our picks for Parton and Cyrus’ best collaborations to date.

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1. “Wrecking Ball/I Will Always Love You” (Live, 2023)

Cyrus tapped Parton for a duet during her second annual New Year’s Eve special in 2023. What’s more special than getting to see Parton sing “Wrecking Ball” or Cyrus trying her hand at the timeless ballad “I Will Always Love You?” In our eyes, not much.

Though the singers have a famously close relationship, it would’ve been hard to predict Parton taking a verse of “Wrecking Ball.” Nevertheless, she killed it–as per usual. Cyrus could sing the phonebook and keep us enticed. Her raspy, powerful vocals shined bright on “I Will Always Love You.”

On top of it just being a stellar performance, it acted as a sort of torch pass between two artists of different ages. Hand in hand, Parton and Cyrus bridged the generation gap.

2. “Jolene” (2010)

Flashing back to 2010, we’re looking at one of many performances of “Jolene” Parton and Cyrus have delivered. This particular rendition of the 1973 hit occurred at a Fourth of July celebration. Cyrus was nearing the end of her Hannah Montana tenure and was starting to branch out musically. Cyrus’ appearance at the Hallmark-sponsored show appeased many a young girl in the audience.

The pair have performed “Jolene” several times since 2010, but it’s heartwarming to see a younger Cyrus join an established music icon on stage. Little did she know, she would eventually soar far beyond her Disney fame.

3. “Rainbowland” (2017)

Cyrus’ 2017 album, Younger Now, was her statement of newfound purpose. It’s far more buoyant and bright than most of her albums post-Hannah Montana. Among the themes on the album are love, finding a home, nostalgia, and acceptance. Cyrus and Parton cover the latter theme in their LGBTQ+ anthem “Rainbowland.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in paradise / Where we’re free to be exactly who we are, the pair sing in this inspiring track. Parton’s caring reputation proceeds her. Cyrus has become an impassioned advocate for gay rights. They are the perfect pair to take on a song like this.

4. “Wrecking Ball/I Will Always Love You” (Recorded, 2023)

The pair revisited their mashup of “Wrecking Ball/I Will Always Love You” for Parton’s impending album, Rockstar. Like their live rendition, the song starts with the intimate verses of Cyrus’ hit. At the end, the swooning melody of “I Will Always Love You” swings in.

It doesn’t seem like these two tracks would work together on paper. Now having performed the arrangement twice, they’ve proven that opposites attract.

Read more about the duet, HERE.

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