The legendary Alan Jackson reflects on the day his marriage almost fell apart

It takes a whole lot of love to keep a marriage going, especially when you are a big time country music star with women throwing themselves at you. So it came as no surprise that many, including Alan Jackson, have reached points in their marriage where infidelity nodded its ugly head.

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“I was gone a lot, and you know, vulnerable, and just made some bad choices,” said Alan in a recent interview with “CBS Sunday Morning.” “And I think it was… I was worried about people knowing about that. But then again, it was, you know, I’m a person. Just real. I’m a human being just like anybody and make mistakes, and I think it was even better to see that we survived that and have turned it around.”

Indeed, although Alan and his wife Denise did go through some tough times in the ’90s, the couple and their love is now stronger than ever.

One of the most endearing symbols of that love lied within a 1955 Thunderbird, the car where they actually had their first date but a car that they ended up having to sell for a down payment on their first home.

“As the garage door comes up, he sees that it’s a ’55 Thunderbird,” Denise said in the interview. “And he says, ‘Oh, you bought me a car like mine!’ And I said, ‘No, actually Alan, that is YOUR car.’ The man broke down and cried.”

“Still gives me chill bumps,” Alan added.




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