‘The Voice’ Season 24, Episode 21 Full Recap: Performances, Reactions, and More

That is a wrap for episode 21 of The Voice. With Monday night being the first set of live shows, each contestant did their best to wow the coaches and more importantly, win over voters. While the coaches showered them with praise and gave words of encouragement, fans took to social media to express who they believed won the night. Here is The Voice recap.

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Jacquie Roar

Breaking it down in order, Jacquie Roar decided to perform the hit  “Wildflowers and Wild Horses.” Gwen Stefani called the performance “tasteful” while Reba McEntire hoped that the contestant had a “great experience.” As for social media, fans wrote, “What a way to kick off the Live Shows than with Jacqui Roar performing.  She definitely rocked the stage!!  I love her outfit.  She definitely has my vote.” Another fan praised her. “Omg Jacquie Roar is my favorite!!!” 

Nini Iris

With John Legend calling Iris one of the biggest talents on the show right now, the singer decided to tackle the track “Lovesong.” While wanting to make it her own, Chance the Rapper suggested she “play it straight.” And that is exactly what she did as John concluded she was a “star power on stage.” 

Looking at fan reactions, they included, “Watching #thevoice & Nini absolutely killed it with Lovesong tonight”. “Nini knows  how to pick a competition song!!!!!!!  Covering that song is brave!” 

Kara Tenae

Going with Keyshia Cole’s “Love”, Tenae gained support for Legend as he insisted she nailed the performance. Fans online added, “Kara did her thing! Def messed up on the high part “I found you” but she is such a vibe. Great song choice too. Brought me back.” One fan wrote, “I like a lot of these artists but Kara is REAL!  LOVE HER!  She’s about as real R&B as you can get. I get lost in old memories when I hear her sing. Would buy her music in a hot second.” 

Tanner Massey

Not holding anything back, Massey performed “Thnks fr th Mmrs” after Chance encouraged him to keep the original pitch of the song. After his performance, Reba noted how he has improved with Stefani calling the set “good.” Fans reacted, “If Tanner gets through this week, he needs to do a soft, melodious song next time, like by Bread. Something that is slow and his voice can be used for deliberate notes to bloom, rather than running on those fast notes”. “Tanner to me? Always pretty good.. shocked he made the lives but he is improving. I know I sound like a stickler but this is the top 12. Idk if he is it. And when the heck will he hold a note?”

Lila Forde

Waiting for her moment to impress Legend, Forde went with the hit “Closer to Fine” while performing behind the piano. Afterwards, Niall Horan noted how the artist had the “insane ability” to make any song her own. When it came to fans, they shared, “Lila Forde is a fabulous musician, singer, songwriter and arranger. My #1 choice”. “Lila Forde on The Voice is one of the most authentic artists I have seen on shows like The Voice and American Idol. She isn’t doing vocal gymnastics karaoke. She sings from her soul. You can tell she is a song writer. Amazing.”

Ruby Leigh Continues The Voice recap

The teenage yodeler stunned the coaches with her rendition of “You Lie.” Already impressing Chance, the singer received high praise from Niall, who claimed the singer gave him goosebumps. Online, fans seemed to agree. “Hands down, Ruby gets my one vote tonight.  That last note just pierces the heart.  Such a deep connection with the story of the song and her voice from this old soul at 16 years old”. “Ruby is the “real deal”… what an amazing and unique voice!”


Dedicating his performance of “With a Little Help from My Friends” to his mother, Huntley stunned Legend as he said the artist was in a “different league.” As for The Voice recap- “If Huntley doesn’t win The Voice, I have no words.  He is a vocal powerhouse and so humble”. “It might be the old hippie in me, but I think Huntley deserves the win… without a doubt.”


Knowing how much the live shows matter, Azán held nothing back with “Ex-Factor.” Legend loved the performance, pointing out how he could feel her “passion and emotion.” Looking online, fans weighed in with, “just saw a performance by a singer (Azán) of ex-factor by lauryn hill on the voice n’ I got full-body chills such an incredible song all these years later”. “Azan bringing that cry to her vocal, lotta intensity. Didn’t let up. I like her tone and stage presence. She’s so invested, strung like she ready to jump off the stage. Was it too much?” 

Jordan Rainer

Going with “Stranger in My House”, Rainer received a mixed bag of comments from the coaches. Reba said performing with an instrument seemed like a distraction while Niall harped on her “gravitational pull.” Fans reacted, writing, “I like how Jordan Rainer sounds, she’s a great performer, and very funny but man I just can’t vibe with her persona. I wish she would get rid of the hat and the glasses. She closes herself off from allowing fans to connect when she has that on”. “Jordan Rainer, the singer/multi-instrumentalist. Love her style and distinct tone. She delivered this like she had lived it. Very enjoyable.”

Mara Justine

Singing “Lose Control”, Justine impressed the coaches with Niall admitting it was her best performance all week. Fans shared online, “Mara Justine never ceases to amaze me. Every time on stage she just owns it. Her stage presence is just unmatched. I think she might get my vote tonight”. “I wanna say this mara justine performance is good and I’m undecided on who to put in this top 9 next week.” 

Mac Royals

While taking the final performance of the night, Royals went with “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Knowing it to be an emotional song, Legend considered the singer an “elite talent.” As for fans – “Omg Mac Royals KILLED IT!! he is the most incredible singer on The Voice, and I hope he goes through! Such talent!!! I hang onto his every word when he sings”. “Mac Royals is what we call a “flat-foot sanger.” He can just stand there and sing you into a coma with feeling, passion, like Luther Vandross. He sounds good, connects to the lyric, and delivers, honestly. Love it!”

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