U2 Plotting New Album for 2016


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Good news U2 fans – it looks like the Irish rockers are planning a new studio release for 2016. In an interview with Q Magazine (which DIY graciously provided snippets of), U2 guitarist The Edge spoke at length about Songs of Experience, a new studio project that he likens to 1993’s Zooropa.

The Edge describes the throwback sound as being encouraged by the album’s producer, Brian Eno, with the band writing tracks during time off from touring.

“The gift of it was that I had time to write while in the mentality that you get to at the end of an album,” Bono tells Q of writing the album after his bike accident. “There is a reason why all the great groups made their best albums while in and around touring, because the ideas have to come out of your head.”

While there’s no official release date for Songs of Experience yet, it sounds likely we’ll be hearing the new tunes before year’s end.

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