WATCH: 14-Year-Old Viral Singer Gets Chance to Sing with Jennifer Hudson, Fulfilling Dream

Sometimes dreams do come true. One 14-year-old megafan got the opportunity of a lifetime—to finally perform alongside his idol Jennifer Hudson.

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Jennifer Hudson Fulfills One Fan’s Dreams

While he hasn’t been singing for long, Alabama native Reid Wilson is already making ripplings thanks to his soulful, powerful pipes. Wilson’s natural talents even drew the attention of Hudson, who invited him to appear on the Jennifer Hudson Show.

With Wilson’s brother Ryley Tate on the piano, the 14-year-old and Hudson performed a back-and-forth rendition of Hudson’s “Ain’t No Way.” Wilson held his own with the music veteran, demonstrating softness but power to his vocals that could one day make him a star.

The power behind Wilson’s voice may seem surprising at first glance. The teen was soft-spoken but giddy while speaking with Hudson beforehand. He told her, “I’m your biggest fan probably in the world. I listen to your music like every single day when I make my bed [or] when I’m on a walk. I’m singing your music all the time.”

Inspiration behind Reid’s Music

Wilson just recently discovered a passion for singing, but he admittedly always had that power inside of him. According to Wilson, he’s been vocal since he was a little kid, but he didn’t know how to properly control that intensity. He said, “You would hear me running around the house just screaming basically.”

Wilson’s development as a singer is due in part to his older brother Ryley Tate. If you recognize Ryley, then you’re likely a fan of the TV show The Voice. Ryley made it all the way to the semi-finals before being knocked out of the competition. Ryley’s vocal coach recognized his younger brother’s talent as well and decided to work with Wilson to hone his craft.

From there, Wilson started making online videos of himself singing, which garnered attention and soon reached the attention of Hudson. As far as his inspiration, Wilson has an assortment of artists besides Hudson that he considers his musical heroes. Those include Whitney Houston, Tony Braxton, Ariana Grande, and Aretha Franklin. The latter was an idol for Hudson as well with the singer/actor portraying Franklin in a 2021 biopic after being handpicked by Franklin. In particular, Wilson is fond of the soulful genre. Who knows where the Wilson brothers will pop up next.

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