Watch: Black Crowes Violently Remove Stagecrasher with a Guitar to the Neck

At the band’s show in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend, Black Crowes did what many in their shoes probably have wanted to do.

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With a “fan” crashing their stage, the band ejected the person with a guitar smash to the neck. Find the video from the event below. In that video, security chases the fan who got on the stage, first running by the bandleader Chris Robinson before getting into a kerfuffle with a security guard at the edge of the stage.

That’s where the band’s guitarist was prepared for the head-smashing effort.

More people ran over to the stage crasher to berate him and get him off the stage.

“Hey, you throw that motherfucker out, right… get the fuck out of here,” said Robinson.

The fan was escorted off the floor, out of the audience. After a short break, the band went on with the show. While the feeling could be tempting to leap on stage—as it might be to jump on a field or basketball court—the idea is wrong and puts the safety of the musicians (and the fan) needlessly at risk.

There has been a spike in “stage crashing” of late, many have pointed out. Including during performances by Rage Against The Machine, Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, and Thundercat.

Check out the video from the Black Crowes altercation below.

Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

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